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Bruce Bushey

Little Red

You, Looking for Me



The Meeting

Hope Island, Autumn

Allison's White Bengal Tiger

Collingwood based Bruce Bushey is an artist who loves and embraces wildlife and the natural world around him. His fondness, no, his adoration for all the flora and fauna he experiences is apparent in the way he brings his emotions to canvas with a warmth of tone and a gentleness of touch to his lines and the shapes he creates.

Bruce Bushey took up art seriously when he retired in 1996. His work immediately instills a sense that this is a caring person. He’ll tell you that his art takes him away from day to day responsibilities and sends him to a place of colour and possibilities. I can tell you that his paintings exhibit care and love, and it’s impossible to imagine that he brings anything less than that same level of love, care and respect to those subjects he brings to the canvas.

There is often a clear relationship between Bruce and his subject, be it the wild Coopers Hawk that visits his home every year, or simply a neighbour’s pet, and this connection with the object of his work informs his approach and underpins the resulting image and the emotions felt when you look upon the piece. His brush gives the bird, the dog, the tiger character.

Bruce’s woodland adventures in childhood developed into pursuits such as camping and canoeing which led him to express his love of nature through art. This relationship runs through his work articulated best through his adoption of rich, natural tones, and soft, life-filled lines.
Though his work can be found in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, you can see the art of Bruce Bushey in many places around his home in the town of Collingwood.