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Erika Atos

Erika Atos specializes in Shard Glass and Resin to create a variety of unique pieces. Using real elements incorporated into each piece gives them a 3D effect. Erika uses sand, stone, shells, feathers, beads, dried flowers, butterflies, wire work and more to create each individual piece, making them unique in a variety of ways. Atos currently lives in Mulmur, Ontario where she creates her art in her home studio. Erika's vision is to create a new form of Resin Art by combining materials to create something that has never been seen before.


"Flit" (2018) 8" x 10"

Blue (2018) 19.5" x 17.5"


Lavender Butterflies" (2018) 24" x 29"

Butterfly (2018) 11" x 9"

Peacock" (2018) 19 x 17

"Waves" (2018) 14" x 24"